Our Mission

The mission of Common Good Web Design is to create designs that support and promote the efforts of individuals, non-profits, and other organizations that seek to make ours a more just, compassionate, and sustainable world.

Benefit Others

Common Good Web Design (CGWD) is committed to making values-based business choices that will benefit our planet and all life on it. Our designs are inspired by passion for varied cultures, lifestyles, people, art, peace, and other mindful causes. To benefit others, we choose to work exclusively with socially responsible and environmentally friendly non-profits, businesses, and individuals.


Consistent with a holistic view of the principle of "cause no harm," we strive to:

  • Be continuously mindful of our intentions and actions.
  • Conduct business in a spirit of partnership.
  • Interact with others and our environment with respect and decency.
  • Be committed to self-knowledge and development.
  • Be respectful of all individual differences.
  • Appreciate that all endeavors and interaction deserve our full attention and positive response.
  • Have a passion for our products and services, while ensuring their use as tools for positive social change.
  • Resolve to not acquire, use, design, develop, or sell materials, products or services that are harmful to others or our planet.


We are motivated by compassion for others and the desire to "be the change" we seek. We actively support (with contributions of time and/or money) nonprofits providing direct services and advocacy for the benefit of others, numerous human rights and justice organizations, peace initiatives, and environmental causes found locally and around the world.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Common Good Web Design celebrates diversity, and will not discriminate against any supplier, stakeholder, independent contractor, job applicant, or employee on the basis of age, disability, race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual identity or orientation.